To Spyder: Hélas... :confused:

  • Hi Ed,

    Thank you so much for your very kind words, it is a pity I sent such a small photo because that square in the middle of our little town is just lovely when it is snowing, it adds so much mood, a bit like the drawing by Dutch painter Anton Pieck:

    Amitiés - Viviane

    PS: I am also very sorry that I can't do anything about the problems on TE lately and I really hope that the Internetbrands tech team will very soon find a solution...
  • Anton Pieck
    Interesting that you mention this great Dutch artist.
    I have known a Dutch family since 1976, and they had a large Anton Pieck book, which I would look at each time I visited them.
    About 15 years ago, they offered the book to me. Bep said I was the only one who ever looked at it.
    Have you ever been to de Efteling Park, designed by AP?

    the ED

    p.s.I really didn't think you were able to solve the TE problem, I was just passing comment. Thanks anyway.