To Royaldevon: troubles

  • bev

    in these last months tragedy is surrounding our country like a plague. even yesterday another crazy boy killed a former colleague in their house. internet has put united many crazy people around the globe. I guess the family network and the traditional style of life suffered fast changes in few decades, even most of population of the globe moved from rural zones to urban areas in few decades and they weren't prepared for such things. --- religions, family, job, plastic, communication, sex, friendship, everything was put up side down. I guess mankind will be able to build a new world, but not so soon...

    take care

  • Crazy World
    That sounds terrible, Jorge.
    The world truly is topsy turvy!
    WE have evolved too quickly socially and our genetic make-up has not had time to catch up!

    KInd regards,
    Bev :-)