Rules and Overrules

  • Hi All,
    There are different rules of composition, of which the most famous is the rule of three. I believe that these are only guidelines. What matters is whether the image attracts you, nothing else. Breaking the rules is great fun, I hope more people would try it on TE.
  • rules
    You are right, the rules are just guidelines. Let's say that in most cases it is better to follow the rules, but sometines breaking them can be interesting.
    The results is what it really matters. For example in my opinion the rules of the thirds sometimes provides very scholastic images. In some cases it is much stronger to put the subject straight in the center. But not always...
  • rules
    Absolutely right. Breaking the rules can be very rewarding, but - then, of course - first you have to know the rules. Otherwise it's just nothing.

  • What I am trying to say is that even the really good photographers don't seem to be experimenting too much with composition. It will be great if people would point out photos with interesting compositions in these forums.