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  • Hi folks,

    I think I have a real problem about sharpness in jpeg mode pictures. Let me try to explain:

    I usually take pictures in RAW mode and then I convert into tiff for post-processing. I usually keep the original size (8M) not to loose any detail. Actually there's no problem about that. When I convert to 800 pixels jpeg for TE posting, the images looses some sharpness even with the high quality setting conversion.
    Just to compare and for you to understand my problem:
    When I zoom out the original tiff image (something next to the size I want in jpeg), the sharpness is great, perfect, but when I resize and convert the tiff into jpeg, the result is disap*pointing. I know the image looses some quality but I could see some images in TE with great sharpness. Take a look at this image. I swear the original tiff is really sharp.

    I appreciate any kind of help. Thanks!

    PS: files converted in Photoshop CS (quality 10)
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    Just have a look on my WS !
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    I find it best to sharpen the original full size image before reuding it to 800 pixels. You can do a save as and unsharpen the original.
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    I've seen you've tried to sharpen with PS.
    I think good settings for the TE size of your pictures are:
    - 120%
    - 0.6%
    - 3

    Try it and give me some feedback.
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    Thank you Francois!
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    Thank you a lot. Those replays are very useful!
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    Thank you, Nico. I appreciate you replay and help.

    All the replays are very useful.
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    I mean replies...hehehe

    that's my broken english...
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    I mean replies...hehehe

    broken english.
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    Sorry, for small size of picture like in TE, I used these settings:
    Try it and give me some feebacks...