• How do I add a critique to a photo?
  • Hello Bernie,

    You are on TE for about 7 years but it is never too late to learn...

    Under each photo you can see little boxes with "add to Favourites" "Add to theme" etc. and the last one to the right is "Critique photo". This is the one you must click on and you will get the possibility to write a comment or critique.

    Greetings - Viviane
  • Critique

    It's easy to sometimes forget simple things. After a long summer vacation, some of the routine things need to be learned all over again.
  • I know, Bernie, it happens regularly to me too...

  • Viviane

    My problem is compounded in that I can't seem to find a critique tab in the place you are suggesting. There is no critique tab below the image. Am I looking in the wrong place?
  • So that must be a kind of "bug"! ;(

    I'll transfer your discussion to the Feedback and Support Forum where you may find more help that I can give you now...

    Greetings - Viviane
  • I found a blank space on the right next to the I traveled there. If I click on the blank space, the critique box appears. Why no header for the blank space?