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Great jorgi 2008-12-15 0:30

Hi Leilani,

isn't interesting that you would be much more successful getting to be so close with people having sex than people praying...
Man/Woman is most complicated being and in all his/her existance there is still no right answer what Soul is.
But I can understand that praying for someone is THE most intimate moment. Being close, it is disturbing as one cannot "open" to Him with all his/her fears, sins, vulnerability. I guess the question right now is: why?
I think becuase deep down inside Man/Woman feels that He will not hurt him/her, judge him/her if he/she tells Him, ask for forgivnes...
Ask who? God?..or his/her own consciousness?
But could hurt Him/Her because you are Real.

The photo would probably work better if he was still.
Because we cannot see his face the movement does not tells us anything in particular (like it would for example if there was a suffering of visionary expression to go with it)
Don't be affraid of photos from this series to be stagnant cause usually this is the main characteristic of chatolic church. And people. Just look how little has been changed in all of years of its existance...

Keep on this excellent work!

Old 01-16-2009, 08:04 PM
Leilani Leilani is offline
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Default To jorgi: hi Jeri

I should have read this before I decided to skip 7 images in my series ;) I've become completely apathetic to my project, I think partially due to the stagnant feel of it. I also had my feedback from uni, which didn't help. You make an interesting point about being able to get closer to someone having sex than praying. I think in both instances I would feel uncomfortable ;) lol. But yes, there seems to be something MORE intimate about a person praying than doing something sexual. This is perhaps because we've all been exposed to a society and generation rapt with sexuality and rather less so with religion.

One of the hardest thing I find besides taking an images is the image edit. I find it very difficult which pictures I should use/choose. I did have an image with his face showing, but in the end I though the movement and lack of face was more powerful to the viewer. Having had quite a lot of feedback on this, it seems the general consensus believes the opposite :)

I really appreciate all your feedback, I know the series is not an easy on for people to critique.

Kind Rgds, Leilani
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