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Great Royaldevon 2020-04-09 9:46

Hello John,

York is like a living museum! This very early 17th century building is amazing!
It is amazing that it has survived so well, considering that the buildings either side have been demolished and that this is a style of such antiquity!

You have captured the details of this timber-framed house with absolutely, delightful sharpness. Its rickety nature, patterned brickwork and tiny windows, so much part of its character, are easily perused.
You had superb light, giving subtle sunlight/shadow contrasts.

Did you venture inside?
That doorway looks as if it would decapitate anyone over 5ft 6ins tall!
Did the lady photobomb your shot or did you wait to include her?

Keep safe,
Bev :-)

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Default To Royaldevon: Yes, I was photobombed!

Hello Bev,
Yes, you're right - I was photobombed! But who cares? If anything, that stranger walking in front of my lens did, in my opinion at least, enhance the picture just a bit. I know a camera club judge would definitely have the opposite opinion - but who cares? They would almost certainly judge the fabulous images of someone like Martin Parr very severely.

No, we didn't go inside - largely because the Full English breakfast we had in our hotel that morning was so huge it would have kept us going for almost a week - but I have read some reviews of that restaurant and, quite honestly, they are generally not very good. If you read Gert's critique, you will see that he checked out a couple of the reviews too!

Interestingly, I wondered where the name of the restaurant came from . And, other than our friend Gert, I had never heard that name in the U.K. Then it occurred to me that Gert might be a contraction of Gertrude. And then I came across an fascinating story about a certain Gertrude Bell - have you ever heard of her? I hadn't. And one of her loves was a guy called Henry Cardogan In fact, I suggest you have a read of this article here: - see what you think.

That Gertrude Bell sounds a pretty feisty sort of a gal and apparently was pretty damn important too, being a mountaineer, archaeologist, explorer and working at different times with Lawrence of Arabia and playing a part in the formation of Iraq. And there was also a film made about her - "The Queen of the Desert" - about which I confess I had not heard either.

Anyway, whether or not this restaurant could have gained its name from her, I know not. But it's an interesting story, isn't it?

You take care.

Kindest Regards,


P.S. Once again - another hitch with TE - HTML links have stopped working so you can't add links or even add bold or italics. So b*****y frustrating!

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Default Gertrude Bell

Hello John,

TE can be responsible for so every interesting research!

Yes, I did know about Gertrude Bell.
If you ever get a chance to watch the film ‘Queen of the Desert’, you won’t be disappointed. In fact, it was on tv a few months ago, so it is quite likely to be repeated on one of the channels. You can feel how she begins to assert herself when women were very much second class citizens.

There was, of course, another famous Gertrude, Gertrude Lawrence.

When I saw the sign on the restaurant, I never imagined anyone other than a lady. I suppose that’s because such establishments are usually run by a married couple.

Good to hear from you.
Keep safe, Bev 😊
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Old 04-10-2020, 07:21 AM
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Default Reply

Just reread my reply!
That should say some interesting research ! 😉
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