A beach in Northern Chile

  • Can somebody tell me the best beach in northern chile to chill out for a week after a long trek and lay in the sand and eat good seafood?
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    hey, "the best" is so relative! i have spent a week in Arica over Xmas, it is a small town (extreme North Chile, nr border with Peru) and thus) rarely visited by tourists... very relaxing. sea food resto in the port was great, but there aren't many of them (i didn't mind going to the same place though). i planned to stay there for three days and ended up staying for a week. i haven't been to other beaches in North Chile, from Arica I moved overland to Atacama...
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    Thanks so much for the reply Olga. It's a big help.

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    I travelled down through Chile a few years ago now but I agree Arica is a nice town (the church was deisgned and built by Eiffel of tower fame). The beachs were nice - not sure on the whole seafood front didn't have time to check it out. I also visited Antofagasta - bit more of an industrial town but some nice stretchs of coast nearby - port town as well so should be good fish. The coastal resort of choice for Santiago and Valparaiso is Vina del mar- might be too far south but it has the restaurants and beaches though.

    All the best

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    btw Kelly, you didn't say WHEN you are going to be in North Chile. I was in Arica around Xmas and it was hot enough to lay in the sand but water was still cool-ish... about 15-20 C... it was warming up after New Year. I suggest you check climate in the North Chile to avoid disappointment.

    I have a pic of Arica beach (naturally), can email if you send me your email address.

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    Bahia Ingles west of Copiapo might be to far south for you, but it's defenitely worth a visit. Seafood as fresh as it can get. Beautiful beaches, definetly no palmtrees though since the whole place is basically a desert becoming a beach.
    If the village is to crowded for you, especially Jan-Feb, head west where cabins are cheaper and more basic. (We walked the distance across the peninsula, but only when we ran out of wine).
    Unfortunately I have no pictures since it turned out later my camera was malfunctioning. http://www.walkersmith.net/4lbum/album05 :s family album will give you a hint though.
    Have a good trip!