Guests, views and critiques

  • Guests (people without registration and login option) are allowed to view photographs on thi site; guests are not allowed to leave comments or critiques on photography. As a result, the ratio between views / comments(critiques) in a registered member account is not correctly showing an actual situation and is misleading.
    Suggestion: either allow guests to post comments/critiques or do not allow guests to view photography on this site without registration (login).
  • Allowing Guests to view the site (this or any other site), but not post on it, is probably the most effective way to encourage new members. How many people would sign up to a site when they can't see what is happening there?
    I have joined many sites after a search for information when I have discovered that I can't ask the question to which I need an answer without becoming a member.
  • The most effective way to attract new members is to correctly and widely advertise for the website (either this or any other), properly explaining what it is, what is the purpose, its rules and idea for creation. If you do not agree, then there is another option to help members to get their ratio fixed - amend your system (in programming structure) in such a way that it DOES NOT count views from non-members or COUNT views ONLY from members (either or).


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