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Great Ebbe 2006-07-24 6:27

A fine close POW, even the "gutterfinderthings" are clearly visible. A fine B&W with a bit messy backdrop. But somehow the stripped pattern of the market stuff and the ugly plastic nose of the Volvo boosts the smooth glossy surfaces of the Cadillac.

BTW - Åmål is in Dalsland, not Västergötland ;) There is a math logic joke about Åmål being the only town in Dalsland. "If you say that it is a town in Sweden you don´t know if it is a town in Dalsland BUT if you say that it is a town in Dalsland you know that it is Åmål".

There is also a famous quote from some celebrity who came to Åmål on his travels and gave his opinion like this: "Well, at least it is something".

For me Åmål has a lot in common with Paris by being a city(?) that I had never visited and then in the same short time visited twice.

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Default To Ebbe: Capital of Dalsland

Hi Ebbe
Thanks for the info - now corrected to Dalsland.

BTW: What is "Gutterfinderthinhs"?

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Default Re: To Ebbe: Capital of Dalsland

The "gutterfinders", hmmm. I have no word for them, not even in Swedish. Some years ago I saw them on some American cars of this size and age at a car meeting and just had to ask the stupid question. It is the little set of metal bars sticking out in front of the right front wheel. The idea is that you will hear when you are close enough to the curb when parking as these bars will scratch the side of the curb and send an awful vibration through the car body. In todays perspective it just seems like these cars were to big and clumsy to handle well if you needed that kind of "technology" to park!

Good to hear from you!
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