To holmertz: The Beatles

  • I wonder how you came upon this photograph, Gert.
    Anyway, thank you for your critique and interesting notes.

    With the strong effect that this group had upon our early lives, I learn that many youngsters nowadays, are not even sure who the Beatles were!
    Oh, what they are missing!

    Have a good w/e, Bev
  • Hello Bev,

    I happened to see "The Beatles" among the "Popular themes" popping up on the page where I see the critiques I have received. Of course I had to take a look.

    Your comment about some youngsters nowadays reminds me of a story I read in a paper years ago. Someone had overheard a group of young boys in a record shop. One of them had found a Beatles album and said to his friends: "Watch this! Paul McCartney was in another group before Wings!"

    Have a nice weekend,