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Needs Improvement Jobak 2007-07-15 3:15

Hi Sabyasachi

I've got quite different point of view than all those 1000's of people ... I like Your works ... BUT ... :

First of all is that You've made interesting photo. It is enough "catchy", to gain some number of comments. True. But It gained absolutely huge number of attention ... And I can see in this massive commentary, kind of "must do" process, if You know what I mean.
I rally don't want to blame You or anything like that. I've respect for Your talent because You got it, no doubts.

Now, I'd like tell it to all those blind people who comment without thinking. I've very strong feeling ( I'm nearly sure ) that they can only see number of comments and after that they decide to comment also. Like sheeps. But this is normal process in all the way. Especially here in TE. People look at number of points/comments and then they decide to add something.

So, If person like You took photo, no matter how good or bad it is, people comment it indeed. There's tons of "Wow's, impessions etc.". In my opinion it's just blindness. I really appreciate Your talent and talent of other people. But be honest - It's just routine of what is going on here. And this is very unfair to those who are beginners here in TE - like me.

I'd like read criticism from people, because I'm member of TE to learn different points of view, not to be ignored ! But true - people just ignore my photos.

I have friends who are professionals. They told me that some of my own photos are just great and deserve massive comments. Others are just misunderstanding. And it rally helps ! But here ? Nothing happened. My works are ignored. Why ? Because I don't know anyone here in TE ? Or maybe I haven't collected enough points ? Or maybe because I don't have excellent equipment ? So please - stop talking about talent. Because talented people here are just ignored by others with 1000's of points. That's sad true.

In addition - when I saw Your photo first time, I thought - how unique face this Man has got. But in my opinion, - that's all about it. You did great job plenty of times before because You know well how to do it and - like I wrote before - You've got a talent. In my own opinion, there's too much improving effects - and an example - "snow balls" effect ( I just don't like it ).

I've hope You understand well, what I've tried to tell You and to others.

Keep Your eyes on topic and I wish You another interesting photos ! You are better photographer than me - no doubts !

But I have my own point of view on topic - not like all those "WOW"-People ... Who are just very predictible. It's sad for me.

Take care and regards!


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Default To Jobak: Constructive Criticism!!

Hi Lukasz,
Thanks for your lengthy comments. I don't mind being criticised, thats the only way I can learn, but I wish you were a bit more constructive with your criticism. Members like Kev Ryan, Mansi have expressed their reservation about this picture but they have said why they don't like it. You on the other hand seems to have chosen this photo to take out your frustration of not receiving enough points on your own. You have used adjectives like 'interesting', 'catchy', 'unique' about this image but then as you said you are 'unpredictable':) Your only grievance seems to be, why did this photo get so many points? Is it a crime that I have commited knowingly, I ask you?
Now for the matter relating to not getting enough comments / critiques / greenies on your photos, I thought the answer was very apparent. You have been a member on this site for a little over a year, have posted 98 photos and done 23 critiques! How is it that you expect to receive comments on your photos when you don't comment on others? Its a two way traffic my friend, so don't blame Trekearth for not recognising your talents. In a community, you too have to contribute your own bit.
Best Wishes
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