Lat/Long Coordinate Bug

  • Since yesterday, I have encountered yet another problem.
    While posting my photo, the site wouldn't take the coordinates to view the map. It keeps saying "Invalid lat/long coordinates entered"
    I tried several times to no avail. And yet I see mcmtanyel has had no problem in his last photo.
    Please help !
  • Google maps
    So this is yet one more problem I have encountered since 26th April when I posted my pict 247.
    I had no reply whatsoever to this forum posted on the 28th
    So I figured out a solution.
    Now, I shall put a link within my note to the the exact location on Google maps.
  • Hello Marie-Louise,
    I have had the same problem for a long time. Occasionally I am able to enter the coordinates the intended way, but usually I get the same "Invalid..." message. So I just write the figures in the note.
    Like most bugs on TE this one seems individual. Some members can change their personal profile page, while most can't. Some members seem to have problems posting their notes, while others don't.