To emka: memory

  • Hi Malgo!

    thank you very much! your critiques are always very important for me

    Polish soldiers also populate the cemeteries all over the world. Strange, we have no Victory Day.
    Yes! and I'm sorry to say I did not know that Victory Day is not celebrated in Poland - the country that suffered a lot during the war (we will never forget the hell of nazi concentration camps and all the victims!)

    It sometimes seems that the fight and bloodshed is never a good solution of problems but then we hear again this time hasn't come yet.
    Unfortunately, it is so.. human nature is like that. In this respect, I think you may agree with what Klaudio (daddo) said in his comment..
    but, as long as I live, I will try to be an advocate of peace. We have a saying in Russia: "bad peace is better than a good quarrel (war)".
    As long as I work (as a teacher) I do my best to teach my students good things. I join Chaplin's speech and still hope that the human race will be wise enough not to be the cause of their own elimination from the face of Earth...

    As a person whose parents (they are very old now but still alive), being little children then - they were only 12, - took part in building defensive fortifications around Moscow in the autumn of 1941, I know what war is - from their words, their stories about those times. I've always told them to write memoirs, but they don't want to.

    well, this was a tribute to those who suffered and perished. My further posts/photos will be different, of course

    wish you a nice weekend!
    warm greetings,