Error displaying location

  • Hi Administrators
    I noticed that all my photos taken in Catania, are displayed as if they had been taken to Castelmola.
    This happens only if I use the website in Italian.
    The problem is present already in the upload page.
    Being I an Italian, I use the site in Italian and in the upload page, there are two strings for inclusion of a location.
    The string "(English) City:" and then ... "[Lookup City] (Italian) City:"
    The latter does not accept "Catania" and after the upload, takes in automatic "Castelmola", after that I put Catania in the string "(English) City:".

    You can see this my photo as example.

    Please solve

    Francesco Scaringi
  • Hi Francesco,

    I will try to solve this but it can take some time...
    Thank you for pointing this out.

    Regards - Viviane
  • Hi Viviane,
    thank you!

    I wish you a good day.
  • Hi Francesco,
    I think I got it, can you check please...