PROBLEM: Photo info and EXIF DATA

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  • Hi it's impossible to write the photo info when I post a picture
    Shutter Speed: F-Stop:
  • I don't know if Monday 28th December is a normal working day in the USA. It may not be until late on Tuesday that this forum is checked for the first time after the Christmas holiday.
  • There are presently many bugs, and the absence of EXIF data is one of them, Didi.
  • Is anyone still having this problem? I attempted to edit my test photo today and all the drop-down menus appeared to be working.
  • Joel, I just uploaded a photo and while the EXIF data appeared while I was putting in the details and note, once it had been uploaded the EXIF data failed to appear. Not only that, but if I select to 'Edit' the photo, there is no EXIF data showing in the Edit screen.

    Checking all the photos which immediately preceded my upload on the same gallery page, NONE of those photos showed any EXIF data either. And this one - - showed in the 'Photo Information' box this strange information: "Exposure: f/0.1"!!! No lens on the market, surely, can open the aperture that wide!

    While I was adding the photographic information and note to my photo, I noticed that where Shutter speed and Aperture could be entered manually, the drop-down list featured dozens of very weird numbers which bore no relation to reality. I wonder if the "f/0.1" came from that list. I think Didi was referring to those drop-downs for his opening post in the thread.

    There is something seriously wrong with the EXIF data/Photo Information side of the process.

    NB: Didi, I've altered the title of this thread to include 'EXIF DATA'.
  • Macondo, what operating system and browser are you using? I'm using Chrome on a Windows machine, but I'm having no trouble with EXIF data showing up in the right info box, once I publish the photo, or after I edit it.
  • Joel I use Windows 7, and Opera (Chrome based) or Chrome. Makes no difference which browser I use. Looking at page one of the gallery right now, no photo has exposure details fully elaborated in the 'Photo Information' box on the right side of the screen. This was the last of my photo uploads, from 5-12-2015, to show it correctly.
    Exposure: f/10.0, 1/320 seconds
    More Photo Info: view

    - See here

    SOME of the photos on the first page of the gallery have what might be the correct aperture setting, such as f/3.5, but others have no information or crazy info such as 'f/inf.' or 'f/0.7' and NONE have shutter speed. All very random, if you ask me.

    Edit: I have seen uploads where the lens specified has a maximum aperture of f/3.5, yet it says f/0.7 or something similar!!

    When I uploaded my last photo, the exif information appeared on the screen during the upload process, but did not show up with the photo in the gallery. If I try to Edit the photo there is absolutely no exposure information to edit, no matter which browser I use. Further, when uploading if I tried to enter shutter and aperture details manually, a series of meaningless, repeated nonsense things appeared in the drop-down list.

    The issues I've described are what Didi was talking about in the opening post.
  • Same problem for me. I uploaded a picture in the french version of the site, the shutter speed and F-Stop were not imported as usual, and when you edit the picture the values in the list boxes for shutter speed and F-Stop have no sense (for example '1/1.25' value duplicated and the list ends with "enum('30"). Same problem in french and english release of the site. And please don't ask me which browser or OS I use, I have no doubt it is a server side problem, the source page is wrong.

    For example :

    PHP Code:
    <select name="shutter_speed" size="1">
    option value="">N/A</option>
    option value="1">'1/1.25'</option>
    option value="2">'1/1.25'</option>
    option value="3">'1/1.25'</option>
    option value="4">'1/1.25'</option>
    option value="5">'1/1.25'</option>
    option value="6">'1/1.25'</option>
    option value="7">'1/1.25'</option
    I am really exhausted with all the technical issues we have these last weeks on TE It makes the site hard to use and I am not sure you realize it makes some TE members leave it ! I don't like to be so agressive but you should really ask yourself about the way you work. It is not serious having so many issues. When you change the source code of the site, don't you make any test before deploying to the server ?
  • Joel, I would rate this as a matter of some urgency, as members are starting to drift away from the site. For example, Didi has stated in the note to his most recent upload that this will be his last, because of the bugs in the site:

    Surely it is not beyond the abilities of the tech team to sort these matters out quite quickly. There must be functional code from previous iterations which could be used to replace code like that pasted into Olivier's post above. It really is becoming quite ridiculous.
  • Now that more urgent problems seem to fixed, I really wish that shutter speed selection would be corrected too.
    Now there's some odd shutter speeds like 26 s available there. But not more usual ones like 1/100 or 1/400. To me this looks fairly easy thing to fix