Am I the only one....?

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  • Am I the only one that is sick and tired of listening to the insistent moaning, complaining and negativity that seems to be spreading through this community like a cancer?

    Am I the only one that enjoys TE anymore? There still seem to be a bunch of people posting in the galleries... yes, even some of those members who continue to complain.

    I don't think this is a case of the whole community being unhappy, it's more then likely a case of the squeaky wheel making the most noise.

    - Dan
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    And I'm sick and tired of listening to the people who complain about the complainers.


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    BINGO !!!


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    Rightly agree with you Dan. I think some people need to get back to the main reason they came here for in the first place: post pictures and learn from others. If they are too concerned about about violation of their copyrights then either suck it up or stop posting. My two cents.
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    I do admit I did participate in some issues but things are just what they are and we happen to read the forum replied by unhappy or concerned members. Who Cares? No and Yes we care?! A continous spread of indifferences, causes doubt to those who cared with passion in this community. This 'issues' can be overwhelming. Hopefully all of these will pass in time.

    I do have a prepareness kit for this pandemic:

    -several weeks supply of masks.
    -a supply of antipyretics for use when necessary.
    -forum block (avoid the harmful effects)
    -a good quality ear plugs (for the noise it creates)
    -check for any IB update
    -always have a six pack around when signing in TE.

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    Funny you should mention that Keiji- I have a case of Asahi in my office as we speak!

    - Dan
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    uhhhh don't drink during noontime -

    Cheers then ;)

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    Me too. I'm certainly with you Dan (with my hand high up in air). I' m sick of these daily threads that come up like easy cribbing platforms.

    It seems people need to be reminded what really they are here for. Do anyone remember the old, cornered phrase "Learn about the world through photography". I think by arguing over and over trivial issues, community is more and more losing on words 'learn', 'world', 'photography'.

    Come on people, stop complaining. Let's enjoy our stints at TE :)
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    Same Question, Am I the only one....?
    Isn't it soon finished chattering or groaning?
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    If two people ask if they are the only 0nes, then they cannot be the only Ones. So if I ask the same question, that's at least three of us. I do agree with those who are irked by the doomsayers and malcontents. Get back to the enjoyment of taking photos and sharing them with those who love beauty, adventure and the world in which we live.If you are in constant trepidation as to what happens to your precious "babies", wrap them up in cotton wool and put them in a safe where they can sit unappreciated.