Problems Changing profile

  • I'm trying for 1 month to change my profile, but when I enter the changes I get a error message!!
    What kan i do to change it.
    thanks in advanced
  • Me Too
    Yes, me too.

  • This was first reported maybe 7-8 months ago. The "techs" were supposed to have a look at it. Guess they're still looking.
  • But the problem with uploading was not fixed either. I still get the error message. Also I noticed today the local map was not updated for several hours and in the past it happened quite fast.
    I wonder if they just let it go and soon TE will collapse entirely?
  • Yes there seems to be a problem. I can fill in the information but for me it doesn't save after I refresh the page. And when I try to add my learn german website that I own, I get an error message.
  • Please post in this thread if you can find the solution, I would like to add to my profile
  • I tried to change my profile this morning August 1, 2016, I was unable to do it.

    I got the folowing answer from TE.