decreasing photo size without resharpening

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  • Now I am sitting in front of another computer but here I have access to all three browsers so I have compared it for curiosity.
    The closest to original photo in sharpness and clarity is Firefox. That is probably why I did not notice a problem for a while as this is the one which I use when I upload and initially check my photos.
    I have to say though that its sharpness is worse than the original.
    It is best to judge looking at my signature word in the bottom right corner or folds in T-shirts of walking couple. It is NOT the same.

    Now a surprise: both Google Chrome and Internet Explorer show much worse quality photo. Smaller size but most importantly the sharpness and clarity is gone. I have repeated it after clearing cache.
    I guess it may be some sort of browser setting?
  • Mariusz, I've been in touch with IT the whole day today and we come to conclusion that this might be a browser setting. They advised that there's a setting in Internet Explorer called "Smart Image Dithering" which smooths out jagged images. You can either turn it on or off to see whether it has a positive impact. They suggest checking more info here

    I hope this helps. Warm regards,
  • Unfortunately the problem least for me.
    Dear Aleksandra,

    Like Mariusz, I've closed and restarted my browser and cleared its cache. I use Windows Vista Ultimate and Internet Explorer 9 and the problem persists - images are still all reduced to 790 pixels wide with very marked reduction in image quality, particularly sharpness.

    Also, I've looked at "advanced properties" in IE9 and the option for "Smart Image Dithering" doesn't appear to exist, at least on my machine. But even if that option did exist, I'm sure that wouldn't alter the fact that images are now reduced to just 790 pixels in width.

    Perhaps we should all revert to using "beta" TE? As I said before, many longstanding members do use "beta" TE exclusively.

    Kind Regards,

  • Same here: I don't see this option on the list in IE10 but I thought that maybe it is because I have no administrator rights on this particular computer. And I am forced to use IE10 here.
    On the other computer though luckily I use Firefox which seems to work much better.
    Curious what other people see but nobody seems to care or noticed anything...
    Kind regards,
  • Hello! Thank you for your messages. Our Tech team tried to solve this issue but it triggered another problem on our site. As for now I would kindly ask you to either upload pictures that are 790px or use Trek Earth beta version where the images are not resized.
    Tech informed me today that we intend to rehaul the site to address all the issues with sizes and quality of the uploaded pictures. The problem described here would be definitely on our priority list once we start improving the website.
    Thank you for your patience! We appreciate it greatly!
    Warm regards,
  • Thank you, Aleksandra
    Dear Aleksandra,

    Thank you for this message.

    Actually, I thought that your technical team might have been having problems because, after I read your post on 16th June, I looked at an image and it was indeed 800 pixels wide! But, unfortunately, a few hours later, all images were again reduced to 790 pixels in width with the usual reduction in image quality. So the improvement was transitory.

    I agree that your advice is indeed sensible. Perhaps we should all revert to using "beta" TE or else seriously consider posting images of no more than 790 pixels in width. Hopefully your technical team will manage to resolve the issue quickly but, in the meantime, we shall all try to be patient!

    But I do really worry that this issue might make some TE members less inclined to continue on this site. I certainly do hope this will not be the case as I have been a member of TE now for nearly eight years and have found it to be a wonderful site: I have learned a lot about our wonderful World, I have learned a lot about photography, and I have made quite a few friends here, a few of which I have had the pleasure of meeting in person - and purely on account of TrekEarth. We all owe a lot to Adam Silverman!

    Kind Regards,

  • Today I got a critique from Fis2 who wrote that my photo is not sharp and so because of that I got 1 point smiley. It is not a big deal, I have enough of the points to be satisfied already but it sucks that due to some settings, are they here or there the quality of the photos which I show is worse.
    Indeed the photo which is crispy sharp on my comp looks quite terrible while watching it on TE.
    OK quality on Google Chrome on my laptop at home.
    Really bad quality on monitor at work.

    By the way, last year I was getting at least once per week a letter with question "How do you do it that your photos are so sharp?"
    I still prepare them in the same way...
  • Today I posted another photo and realized one thing: if it was up to the settings which depend on me or my browser then why would I see unclear photo through TE website and crispy sharp photo without when I click and open it in a new window. This means simply the browser settings don't matter. It means the problem is exclusively in the TE website settings.

    Maybe it is time to leave this page after all?
  • Quote: Hello everybody,

    I'm happy to announce that we resolved the problem together with tech team. If you upload pictures that are 800px wide, they would not be resized to 790px. I tested it and I see that the picture "Dog walking" by Mariusz is 800px.

    To reproduce this result in Chrome:
    1. Open Chrome
    2. Go here:
    3. Right-click on the image and select "Inspect Element." A pane will show on the bottom of the window.
    4. In the right side of the bottom pane, there's a box with 3 tabs on the top. Click on the tab that says "Computed"
    5. There should be a picture of boxes within boxes. The inner-most box should say 800x533. If it doesn't say 800 then refresh the browser (or clear your cache) and repeat the above steps until it does.

    Let me know if you also see that everything is fine now. Thanks!
    By the way I switched recently to Chrome and now I have tested this procedure above. The number stays 790, whatever I do...
  • When I test "Inspect element" on beta-TrekEarth it shows 800 and it is sharp.
    When I test it on www-TrekEarth it shows 790 and it is blurred.
    So clearly it is not the browser setting.