To tyro: Which Camera Shall I Use ...

  • Thank you for your warm critique, John.

    Cameras! Well, like you, I often opt for the smaller, easier to carry Canon. I do take the Nikon out occasionally, just so that I don't forget how to use it! I have a Fuji, too, but since I can't use both, Len usually has that one! And then, we swap from time to time.
    Just recently, because we hadn't really intended to spend time photographing but visiting friends, I have used my mobile phone. Oh, I never thought I would hear myself say that ... a mobile phone for photography! I assure you, only occasionally!

    Lovely to hear from you.
    Are you off to Minorca again this year or meeting up with the group in Oxford in May?
    Best wishes,
  • Cameras .....and meeting??
    Hi Bev,

    Thank you for your reply! So now I know all about your extensive photographic armamentarium! Thanks.

    But what of a meeting in Oxford in May? Perhaps I've had too many absences from TE recently and missed something because that is news to me. Do you know who's organising it, who is going and where, exactly, the meeting is to be? Are yourself and Len going? Sounds quite interesting.

    Kind Regards,

  • Meeting in May
    Hi John,

    It is Viviane who is organising it.
    It is during the dates 12-19 of May, to meet near Oxford because that is where she will be stationed with her caravan as she and Chris do their annual campsite check. I haven't got details of the site yet but it is to meet up for as long or as little time as you have.
    I think Viviane said she hadn't heard from you about the meet.
    We will be going for a few days. Oxford is a great place to look around .. as I'm sure you know.

    Best wishes,
  • Hello dear Beverley & John,

    I have re-sent my mail from last September to both of you...
    Maybe I was really too early but contacting everybody on time can be quite tough...


  • Oxford
    Thank you for your note, Viviane.
    I'm sure that will have given John the information that he needs.

    Hugs from Trawden,