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  • Vitosha
    Hi Viviane.

    There are 4 TE locations for Vitosha. I forgot to mention it is not in Sofia City. I had to pay a small surcharge on my taxi fare for leaving Sofia city limits. There is an adjacent Sofia province outside Sofia CITY which includes Vitosha Montagne. http://www.ezilon.com/maps/images/eu...itical-map.gif
  • Thank you Chris!

    I have kept "Vitosha" as the only location name:

    Earth > Europe > Bulgaria > West > Sofia Province > Vitosha

    Amicalement - Viviane
  • Sinaia Romania
    Hi Viviane

    I think I have found another location with 4 different locations (Sinaia, Romania)

    I am fairly certain they should all be under Prahova Provence / County.

  • Hello Chris,
    Corrections have been made...

    Friendly greetings,
  • Wroclaw
    Hi Viviane

    I found another. Wroclaw in Poland has 9 different locations. The correct province is Dolnoslaskie with over 2000+ entries. All of the others just have a few uploads. eg Wroclaw zoo.
  • Hi Viviane

    I found another. Lovech has its own province but there are 70 photos listed under Veliko Tarnovo province. Which need to be shifted to Lovech. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Provinces_of_Bulgaria
  • Hello Chris,

    I am now on holidays and I only handle the very urgent problem but I will answer your request as soon as I am back home.
    Thank you for being patient a couple of days longer...

    Greetings from sunny Bretagne,

  • I will look through German cities if I have time and report if there is something wrong
  • Hillerod

    Found another. 'Hillerod' in Frederiksborg Denmark has another caption under "Hilleroed". Would it be possible to combine these 2 under 'Hillerod' please / svp?

  • Has been done! Merci Chris...



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