To mkamionka: pression

  • mariuszimagine 70 years of social pressure, and suddenly all the injustices being corrected, all those historic personages who were considered as criminals, all those soviet "heroes" not so perfect as the regime had painted.. There was an empty space in the russian history in terms of monuments and they corrected that faster they could.I was surprised about the amount of money spent to rebuilt and restore churches, it was much a country can tell its history if it its symbols were destroyed, that is the reason for the presence of imperial personages again in the squares, as a normal country. despite this, most of the soviet monuments are up yet and tell more histories and versions. when I see lenin arrogant in the top of a monument I want he becomes there forever, because when someone stop to think who he was this people will discover his big dreams, his crimes, errors and even the good things he did. --- why to put down the statue of a merchant of slaves in UK ? the british society loved him and used his dirty money.. the statue should be a symbol of reflection... of course Vladimir did big errors in his life too, he wasn't an angel.. He was human... nowadays people have no faith but are ever wanting people become angels.. but they aren't...take carejorge
  • It makes me feel honoured. Kodi nox