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  • Hello:

    I noticed a prase when I sign in:

    "Please validate your email address on login. A future password reset may be required."

    how I can validade my email? it is the same during years. why I should do that?

    take care

  • Hi Jorge. That's a new one. Could you please attach a screenshot of what you're seeing?
  • image

    I got the image but I can't send it for e-mail. it returns to the sender. how can I send it to you ?

    take care

  • Jorge,

    You can either attach it here (use the paper clip icon in the post tools) or just email it to me directly: [email protected]
  • what is this?

    I sent you an e-mail and I tried to send an image to you in this link.

    take care


  • Hi again Jorge,

    Yes, I get this too. I will ask tech what it is, but it shouldn't prevent you from logging in or anything. You can ignore it.
  • what is this ?

    thanks for the answer.

    take care

  • Hello, I can speak to this point. In the future, those who have not logged in for a while will be required to do a password reset. If you have logged in recently, you should be OK.

    see the page mytrek.php

    and make sure that's your email address to which you have access. Thanks, BL
  • Brendan (above) is one of our techs, for anyone confused by what is going on there.
  • Thank you Joel.

    For the TE users, we are deploying new servers for TE that will ensure long-term compatibility for the site. Thank you for your time and support. Brendan