To Glint: stories

  • Hello Bev ...I think that it has character travel this picture as required by site TE, but because every photograph is a reflection of the artist approached with your review. A teacher wrote to me: The first period is characterised by total darkness, during which the certainties of the past are overturned, without the fertile questionings of the present having yet taken their place.
    The second period coincides with the first attractive half opening of the curtain. Good photographs produced by others now begin to stand out, though are not yet fully recognised.
    The third period is perhaps the happiest. When the photographer does not just begin to enjoy the photography produced by others (which he usually enjoys more and more and at a more profound level) but can also create photographs of his own which start to bring him some satisfaction. This development usually happens all of a sudden.
    Countless times I have been surprised by the quality of the early work of a photographer whose current work is characterised by impressive shallowness and simplicity. Characteristics which cannot be compensated for by their usual exaggerated presentation, but which can promise easier access to the limelight ..... The only advice I could give photographers in the first category, which I clearly prefer and appreciate, is that they cultivate their creative (and not their social) egoism as this will facilitate their stay on the wheel of production and development, and to those of the second category on the one hand to search for those reasons which cause the loss of the joy experienced in the creation and on the other hand to imagine that their work is seen and judged by the few, usually only by the very few, whose opinion should really count for them. In other words, by the great teachers of the past and the circle of their family and friends of the present.
    thanks Geo...