Can you take photo in the Chinese temple?

  • The temple is one of the Buddhist buildings. The temples of Chinese Buddhism are all Chinese architectural styles, and the temples of Tibetan Buddhism are mainly Chinese architectural styles. Chinese temple architecture is just the opposite. It deliberately blurs the interior and exterior spaces and emphasizes the mutual transformation of indoor and outdoor spaces. click here to know more about Shuanglin Temple, China.You can take pictures in general temples, but you cannot take pictures of Buddha statues in the main hall. Not to be able to stand in front of a Buddha statue to take pictures. Some temples are not allowed to be photographed anywhere.Etiquette for entering the main hall:1. Enter the left and right sides of the edge, and do not walk in the center to show respect. If you walk on the left side of the door, enter with your left foot first, and walk on the right with your right foot first.2. Except for Buddhist scriptures, statues and offerings, the rest cannot be brought in.3. You can only enter when chanting, praying to the Buddha, cleaning, and adding oil and incense. No: Use the temple as a passage, shuttle and walk freely.4. Before entering the hall, clean your body and mind and wash your hands. Do not look around or look around when you enter. You can only pay homage after worship.


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