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Old 04-10-2008, 04:27 PM
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Default Main Page ramblings

Just some quick observations about the main page. I have my bookmark set to log on to TE by going to the main page. I like to see the different favorites, locations, etc.

There are a couple things that bug me about how this page is set up.

1) There are many times that a photo will catch my attention, and then when I go to see it larger and to read the note, there isn't a note. TE is about learning things through photography and notes. When there's not a note, it frustrates me. Is there some way to disallow photos that don't have a note on the main page? I've even seen featured artists that have no notes on any of their images features. Just wondering...

2)I know that there is supposed to be a randomness in the way photos are chosen for inclusion on the main page. I find it hard to believe this. Many times, I see the same photos and critiques, and workshops over and over. Don't even get me started on the dead rabbit. If the moderators want to hand pick the images for that page, so be it, but let us know that. For the most part, I enjoy the decisions of the moderators (I'm speculating here), but sometimes, I'd like to know what they were thinking.

Thanks for letting me ramble.

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Old 04-10-2008, 10:21 PM
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Default Re: Main Page ramblings

The notes/no-notes discussion has been run before. The last time I recall, I think Adam was of the opinion that if you *force* people to write something then the quality will sink even further, or even more copy'n'paste notes will appear.

As for the front page, I actually do think it is randomly generated; based on certain criteria. The site admins won't share the specific decision information with us, as doing so will result in people trying to game the system (as happens daily with Flickr's Explore). Again I think this one's been discussed fairly extensively if you want to have a read of the older posts in the forums.

That leaves the question of why do certain images come up more than others? Anyone who's ever written (or used) a computer random number generator will probably know the answer... Most quick random number generator solutions aren't particularly random. I still remember asking my first computer to give me seven random numbers from 1-1000, and getting something like 3 3 3 5 3 6 3 ;)
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Old 04-11-2008, 03:53 AM
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Default Notes


Adrian is right about the random thing. One of the methods computers use is the number pi. If it only knows 20 digits behind the 0, the choise of randomness is rather small. But it would be nice if Adam/one of the moderators would do something about it.
You could change your setting in the bookmark, or add several more pages. There is the gallery page, the favourites, the critiques . . . .

Your first point was discussed not long ago. One method is to NOT critique photo's without a note. (I do this, but I make exceptions for the ones that really need no note). Second you can write a critique and mention you miss the note, or the note could be improved. This is the best method IMHO, because it makes other people more aware of TE's possibilities. Even if someone can't write English or French, they could write in their own language.

have fun,
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