Most romantic place in india

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  • Chetali
    The best romantic place for couple is GOA and The Taj Mahal it is also sign of true love.
  • The Taj Mahal is really worth it to visit in some romantic occasions. It will allow to get unforgettable impressions.
  • I saw some of the other posters mention this place as well. Try the Kerala Backwaters. It's a network of lagoons and canals.

    Look into allepey and komarakom. There are resorts that might be of interest in those towns.
  • Quote: The most romantic place in India is Goa i like in* place it's located in south west part of India
    I agree with you, Goa is great.
  • Goa was where I met my wife. It's such a lovely place. You can never go wrong with Goa.