Barbarism against Vasa

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  • I do not know how the minds of the administrators work, but I was amazed on visiting Branko's site that his photos had been wiped out.He is a universal spirit, an artist, a poet. His photos transcended nationalism through their beauty, sensitivity and art. He is Serbian, I am Australian of Croatian/Albanian background. So what? We have been corresponding as friends, looking towards those things that unite us as human beings. Branko has been a gentleman, diplomat and a friend to many. He deserves better treatment from these faceless arbitrators. Reinstate his photos please.Klaudio
  • Re: Barbarism against Vasa
    yep, Branko's photos and notes/thoughts are special and very, very human. definitely stand out in the sea of boredom around.
    therefor, thank god we are not all the same.
    nationalism? what nationalism?
    i wish people would post from bora bora, afganistan, haiti, bosnia, zimbabwe, you name it ... even if they would do it using their cell phones to photograph.
    otherwise, how would we be able to see, smell, taste, perceive all flavors?
    THINK ...
  • You're jumping to conclusions....
    Do you know for a fact that it was the admins or moderators that cleared out all this persons work?If they did- I find it VERY hard to believe they would have done so without just cause. The admins and moderators are obviously not going to discuss this in an open forum as it's not for public discussion.

    Make contact with him and ask him why his photos are no longer on TE... I look forward to hearing the reasoning. If we don't hear back on why they were removed- I can only assume it was justifiable and that you're hesitant in admitting that you have jumped to conclusions.

    The suggestion that mods and admin would jump to such rash actions without due cause is 'ridiculous' at best.

    - Dan
  • Re: You're jumping to conclusions....
    Dan, have a look at Branko's profile page. He is a calm man considering the butchery of his work. You will find another gripe there I did not mention directly, but it has something to do with politics in the Balkans. It feels like some sort of persecution and has all left a bad taste in my mouth.
  • Re: You're jumping to conclusions....

    I highly HIGHLY doubt that the removal of his image has ANYTHING to do with where he is from or what his political views may be. I appreciate there there is a lot of biase in this world that (thankfully) I have never been subject to. However, I have never seen any direct biased here on TE in that light.
    If the image was removed, he like any other person would have been sent an e-mail as to why that image was removed; someone he knows, staged photo, excessive PP work, elaborate frame, not copyright holder (ie: a picture of someone elses picture or work), etc...
    What was the reason he was given for the removal of the photo?
    Was it more then one photo?

    - Dan
  • Re: You're jumping to conclusions....
    we are going around in circles and it is obvious to me that you have not been aware of branko's work. Many of the images he had posted were memorable, esoteric, filled with the love of life.Many were subtle and charming. Read HIS words on his profile page. He is obviously pained that most of his photos (maybe as many as eighty) have vanished, that he had no word from the eliminators and that as a last resort, he added those words (which I ask you to read)to his profile. Don't reply before you visit branko's page. It's VASA. As for your warm glow towards the admin., please spare me the platitudes. these people are human, from a particular geo-political sphere, flesh and blood, brains with biases. like you and me. Amen.
  • Re: You're jumping to conclusions....
    Hello to everybody!..
    several days ago I noticed that Branko's photos disappeared, and I sent him an email asking what had happened. He explained to me that the TE administration had deleted some of his photos - and he got so upset by this fact that he deleted the rest of his photos himself. But he said he would restore them one by one.
    I don't know which photos were deleted by the administration and which photos were deleted by Branko himself, though...
  • Re: You're jumping to conclusions....
    Thanks Elena.I stand corrected about the number of photos deleted,but that does not mean that Branko has been treated fairly.
  • Re: You're jumping to conclusions....

    So he did not have eighty images removed, he had 'some' - more like less then 5- that were removed by the admin most likely because they broke the TOS for some reason or another. I too have had images removed in the past (however I never over-reacted and removed a further 75 in protest), I always received an e-mail explaining why the image was removed. They are sent to the e-mail that you registered with.

    I find it unlikely that an e-mail was not sent to him considering it's an automated system that sends out the e-mails (I know this because the e-mails follow the same format and in some instances I received the exact e-mail for a different removed image).

    I stick by my opinion that these claims of bias are unfounded...
    - Dan
  • Re: barbarism
    Barbarism is a little over the top. So he had a few pictures removed. Happens to everyone. Now, had his entire gallery been deleted, a different story, but still not barbaric.