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Great willperrett 2015-01-24 10:43

Hello Marton

Excellent stitching: can't see the joins even in the larger version (incidentally, I've never succeeded in uploading a large version of any of my stitched panoramas: care to tell me what I'm doing wrong?) The lights here are magical: not just the city lights, but the remains of the day. You got your timing just right. A splendid shot.



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Default To annjackman: Hand held at 1/8 sec......

Hi Ann,

Thank you for your kind words about this one. Sad to say, although I've lived about 30 miles from Glasgow for the last 25 years or more, this is the first time I had ever visited Glasgow Cathedral and that's a serious confession to have to make. It really is a lovely place and well worth a visit particularly because it somehow seemed to suffer far less damage to its fabic than many Scottish churches and cathedrals during the Scottish Reformation.

Although the purists might beat their breasts and flagellate themselves in consternation, I've found a simple trick for taking pictures at slow shutter speeds: just set the camera on rapid fire (or "motor drive" or whatever you want to call it) and batter off half a dozen or more shots - a bit like shooting rabbits with a machine gun - you're just about bound to get one steady shot out of that lot (or a rabbit). As I say, not what the purists might advise - but it does seem to work!

Ah, yes, the computer. This old machine (which I also built about six or seven years ago) has served me extremely well but I fear it's becoming (like me) a bit long in the tooth: photo editing can be a bit time consuming and, of course, running Vista (which I've not actually found half so bad as many claim), it won't work with Lightroom 5. It's also 32-bit so can't make use of more than 3 or 4 GB of RAM. So I was thinking of upgrading and, because it's fun to do it yourself, I thought I'd build another computer for myself. Just the sort of thing for an obsessive sort of chap with a bent for things mechanical and electrical. Then I had some questions and thought to myself, "Who is as obsessive as I am but also is likely to have some very sound and reliable knowledge about computers, not bombard me with useless trivia, but likely give me sound and well considered advice?" And guess who immediately popped to mind? Of course, your Dave!

And, as expected, he has indeed come up with some very helpful advice. And so, at the moment, not wishing to rush this sort of thing (obsessives never do that - they have to get everything "just so" before making any decision, however trivial) I am making up lists of components and suchlike and researching the pricing of them from different suppliers as well as the reliability and reputation of all said suppliers - before eventually setting things in motion. Of course, my wife tells me that any "normal" person would just go into the nearest computer shop and buy one - one that "looked nice" I guess - but where the Hell's the fun in that? Some people have no soul.

So, Ann, thank you for sparing me some of Dave's time. If I ever get around to doing this (which I think I shall sometime soon) I shall let him know how I get on!

Take care.

Kindest Regards,

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