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Great rushfan2112 2008-08-26 12:31

Hi Fusun.

It's a horrible thing to contemplate but the reality is that if you can see your photo and read your note - the future probably is bright. As for those who can't......

Here we are in the 21st century and, despite the utter lack of any form of proof of existence of any 'higher being', 'god' call it what you will, the world is largely governed by and divided by religion.

When it isn't religion making mischief, the world's politicians do their damndest to protect their own (seldom their people's) interests. How much foreign aid is spent on feeding the poor compared to arming despotic regimes?

Anyway, enough of my rants. A very beautiful and thought provoling post - we just need a revolution to give the power back to the people!

Paul x

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Default To rushfan2112: talkin' about the revolution )))

mind you, all those religious fanatics, politicians, corporate tycoons, army commanders and the like are "people", too. a revolution will distribute the power differently at first (here comes the definition of power, too, but it is a long subject.), but then what? do you really trust human beings? today's freedom-seeking, pro-justice revolutionist may easily become tomorrow's dogmatic monster. I'm afraid it's human nature that enslaves us.

another slippery ground would be the revolution itself. is it possible to do it without guns and armies, without some kind of fight and finally fair punishment for the ones in power before us? the thing is that we tend to forget our purpose in the course of struggle. revolution becomes the end rather than the means. If, imho, means doesn't justify ends, or the other way round, it becomes just the same old story - only with different people in power.

to achieve a real, a justifiable revolution, first human nature must change. how it will happen, I have no idea. maybe a new species after our extinction. ;))
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Old 08-27-2008, 11:14 PM
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Default Re: To rushfan2112: talkin' about the revolution )))

We get the politicians we deserve - just look at America! Don't vote for them is the best way. Democracy is the right to choose. A bloodless revolution is very possible. Unfortunately, the world seems to want to polarise right now. "If you're not with us, you're against us" is what the world's leaders love to promote. With power comes responsibility but there are too many egos and too many irresponsible and misguided leaders. Hope you are well. Lots of love, Paul xx
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