Adding a Frame in CS3

  • Hi there.

    Can anyone please tell me how to add a simple, white frame around a photo, please? Bear in mind that I am not remotely an expert user and you will really need to do the 'Janet and John' version if I'm going to understand.

    Alternatively, if there is a good, clear and concise 'show and tell' version available on the interweb, that might be an alternative.

    Here's hoping. Many thanks,

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    It's easy Paul. If I think so it must be.
    Go to Image>canvas size. At the bottom of the window you can choose your colour. Somewhere in the middle tick "relative". Use the drop down to choose units. I use pixels (200 to 300 full size image) but it's up to you. Just experiment with numbers to get the size you want. It's easier to do it before downsizing and then you don't have to re-calculate size. At full size start by trying 1cm and go from there. Assuming you want equal all round just check the anchor diagram has the small square in the middle. It should have by default. Click OK Et voila!
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    Hi Kath.

    Fantastic - just what the doctor ordered. I'll have to progress onto putting thin lines inside the border and adding text and all that at some future stage - but being able to select a simple border - especially for B&W stuff - is perfect.

    Thank you so much - and I owe you one.

    Paul x
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    The thin line is even easier. Before you put the frame on...
    Use ctrl A to put marching ants right round the image.
    In the window click either "inside" or "centre" 10px is probably about right for the full size image.
    You can see where to choose the colour. I almost always choose black. If it's not the colour you want just click inside the box near "colour" and choose what you want. Either use the box that comes up or the colour picker becomes available so you can click inside the image on a colour you want to match up.
    Click OK
    Get rid of the marching ants with ctrl D
    Let me know when you're ready for text. ;D