I can not connect with TE

  • It lasts 4 days. The post was deleted about this.
    If I do not have the right to login to TE, delete my photos. All photos.
  • TrekEarth Sites both down
    piotr : It's nothing personal. I have also been locked out. Probably internet brands won't look at repairing the system until Monday Morning California USA time.
  • I can`t post any pictures
    and also, I found out, many times the Trekearth website is not loading properly over some wifi connections (pictures won`t load, only text comes) and is loading over gsm data connections perfectly. Sometimes I even need to use vpn software to can see TE, as if it is blocked or partly blocked by some network providers. And I don`t stay in Africa or China, I actually stay in Germany and Switzerland, so I can`t really understand what is going on with TE, are they blacklisted somewhere??
  • When will TE load???
    Apart from 30 minutes last week I have been locked out of TE for almost a week now and get this error message:

    Invalid u_query112
  • I've had some trouble as well, and it's pretty irritating. I'm still working with tech to figure it out.