The Blind leading the Ones that can see

  • I haven't been on TE for quite a while and had visited the forum a long time ago before today. I did pop in regularly to check on the latest photos and I noticed two things: that the photo intake had slowed down to a trickle and the blood infusion (daily postings) on this barely breathing site is coming from a core of about forty or so faithful and committed members. Meanwhile the moderators are running DNA tests whether Gigi's two cats in her photo are domestic or feral!!!Are these moderators totally blind to the fact that they are SQUEEZING the LIFE OUT of this site by enforcing rules which are open to interpretation even though Keith talks about absolutes. The rules are not infallible neither are the moderators.Some photos should be given the benefit of the doubt or is that too difficult for the time pressed moderators? In the meantime the exodus is continuing and the pulse of this site, which has become a pale shadow of its robust former vibrant self,is getting weaker. Soon individuals like Gert, Malgo and Silvio (our three high-priests) will be performing the last rites.
  • I'm afraid you might be right, but I just enjoy it while it lasts.

    Yes, an over zealous moderator can get on the nerves sometimes, but it goes with the territory and I'd hate to see the site (or what's left of it) swamped by pet pictures, selfies, etc. At least the moderators mind and try to do their job.

    What gets on my nerves, are all the bugs on the site: locations no longer appear, the technical data go haywire, text markings vanish...on the shot I just posted now the hyperlink was not registered, etcetera, etcetera. In this regard nothing happens at all, which is a lot worse imho.

    But, as I said, I just enjoy things as they go. I hope those high priests of TE won't perform their last rites yet. Who knows...
  • Hello,

    Unfortunatly, I think that this website is dead. Less and less pcitures published every day, more and more poor quality pictures... And these many bugs, never solved... So I have stopped to publish pictures on TrekEarth for many weeks now. It's sad since the members comments where interesting, but I'm really fed up with the bugs. And the user interface is really poor, old fashioned...
    So, now, I publish my pictures on Flickr and 500px...