To PJE: Sharpness

  • Thanks for the comment.

    I looked at the image again, and have to agree that it could do with some more sharpness. The original image is pin sharp. The image posted was processed, posted online (another site), and then I grabbed the small version from there. I think that has softened the image.

    In future, I'll just post here directly after processing.


  • Re: To PJE: Sharpness
    Funny how I felt I was being a little to forward in suggesting what I mentioned. I see now we are able to post up to 300kb in size which makes a big difference for quality uploading. I usually resize to 800 pixels wide first, then add the required amount of sharpness, and then finally use File...Save for Web Feature to arrive at the KB limit I want to post. Photoshop...nothing else on the planet quite like it. Thanks for the kind response.

    Have a good day Paul