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Old 07-03-2005, 05:13 PM
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Default Re: Mailing list created

Hello everyone,

I have created the mailing list. It is call [email protected] (I'm the owner of domain).

- All subscribers messages or moderators approved messages sent to this address will be sent to people that have subscribe to the mailing list.

- Message sent by tebook's subscriber are not moderated and will be distribute to all subscribers as soon it is received by the mailing list.

- Message sent by non subscriber will be moderated and most probably deleted (unless useful for the working group) by the moderators.

- To subscribe to [email protected] one need to send a mail to [email protected] with SUB tebook in the subject or the body of the mail. Or alternatively one can click here.

- To unsubscribe from [email protected] one need to send a mail to [email protected] with SIG tebook in the subject or the body of the mail. Or alternatively one can click here.

- Every new subscription will be first validated by a moderator. When validated, the new subscriber will receive a confirmation message.

- Use [email protected] to send a message to the mailing list.

- To invite someone to subscribe to [email protected] one can send a mail to [email protected] with INVITE tebook friends e-mail in the subject or the body of the mail. The person will receive a mail from [email protected] inviting him/her to subscribe to the list.

- To differentiate messages you will receive from [email protected] from your everyday mail, a tag is added to every message's subject sent from the mailing list. The tag is [tebook]. This can also help you to create filter to sort out the ML's message to a particular folder in you mail reader.

- When replying to a message from the mailing list, always make sure that you're using [email protected] as the reply address. The mailing list default reply address is set to its own address so there should be no problem but some mailers software might change this, so it is always good to verify the reply address before hitting the send button.

I can create more mailing list if required, there could be a general mailing list and others for each workgroup of the project. Also, as I said before subscription to the mailing list are moderated and I'm the only moderator for now but I'm not in front of my screen 24/7 so if someone want to help me moderate the list please let me know.

If anyone is having a problem subscribing to the list, please contact me.


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