Zenit 3EHNT

  • Hello everyone! so... i came across this really old camera my dad used to use, a Zenit 3HNT. i looked it up and it seems like it's a russian model of the 70s. as i have never really worked with a SLR camera so old, and feeling so anxious to use it, i would appreciate it hugely if someone with a little more experience could lend me a helping hand (or post, whatever!).
    thanx in advance for your help!
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    Hi there,
    These old russian cameras were excellent. They had built-in exposure metering and the focusing was extremely reliable and easy to use. Of course, they were film cameras but you could get great results and in those years they were often time used by photo-reporters and wealthy amateurs (the cost was around twice the average monthly income!).
    If I were you I would buy a roll of film and give it a try.
    Here is a link with some more information:
    Have fun!
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    It is a fully manual camera, with a reliable metering system. These selenium cells still work 40 years later. Not refined but solidly built: I hurled mine down mountains more than once by accident, and it still takes good pictures. Otherwise, it works just like any other manual camera... The lenses that come with it are amazing for black and white film, but produce noticeable color aberrations.
  • thanx guys for all the insight-tomorrow i'll start shooting, and hopefully i'll come up with results worthy of being uploaded on trekearth....!
  • thank guys for all the insight tomorrow

  • Zenit 3HNT were some of the best Russian cameras during the late 70ís and I am really surprised to learn that you managed to get one from your Dad. I am sure that by now you would have seen the outstanding focusing ability of it and the fact that it is practically easy to use.