photos of mummies

  • I'm considering posting a photo of a mummy, but not an Egyptian one, a Japanese mummy.
    Around 300 years ago some Buddhist priests of the Shingon sect self-mummified themselves, through a gruelling process of starvation and drinking poison. It was in order to become flesh-and-bone representations of Buddha; to achiev Buddhahood in the real world. Hundreds attempted, but only a handful managed to do it successfully.

    I saw two such mummies during my time in Japan.
    Would it be against the TrekEarth rules to post a photo of a mummy - a dead person - or would it be okay to do so respectfully?
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    guidelines didn't say you cant post dead people and there're already a lot of mummies pics here, egyptian and others.
    'respectful' or not, you've already taken the picture :)

    self-mummification is not uncommon in asian buddhist countries but i have yet to see a japanese one; so would be interested in your pic.
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    Thank you for your reply!

    I have uploaded a photo of one of the two mummies. You can see it here:
  • Honestly said I never heard about Japanese mummy before read this post , I have lite bit knowledge about chines mummy , here you provide great assistance to whose who have no knowledge about it . Description sense is also appreciable .