Gold Star Critiquers

  • To recognize those members who leave useful critiques, a <b>Gold Star</b> icon will be displayed next to members who receive many 'useful' critiques and a minimum of 'not useful' critiques. Please mark fellow member critiques as either 'useful' or 'not useful' if you feel it's warranted.
  • Re: Gold Star Critiquers
    What is your criteria for rating critiques as useful? I find myself tempted to give "useful" marks to praise of my photos even when the remark isn't particularly useful.
  • Re: Gold Star Critiquers
    The criteria is whether another member rates a critique as 'useful'. That a member who receives a positive critique, ie 'Excellent shot!' should want to return the favor by marking it as 'useful' is fairly natural. This is why it's important for other members to mark critiques either useful or not useful for critiques not involving their own photos. This will more than cancel out the effect of the situation you describe. Also, the critiquer cannot see that you rated them as useful/not useful so it's better to be honest about it anyway.
  • Re: Gold Star Critiquers
    How user points (as against the critique points) is related to the Gold or Silver symbol beside member's name.
    I saw a member getting (94) point is a Gold Critiquer but a member having (132) point is still not getting the same?
  • Re: Gold Star Critiquers

    Here's how the system works: the user points next to the user name are the sum of <i>useful</i> points and <i>photo</i> points. You get 2 photo points when someone gives you a green smiley - these points are unrelated to the gold symbols.

    You get 1 useful point if someone marks your note/workshop/critique useful. If your accumulated useful points in any of the those categories is over 10, you get a silver icon; over 50, it becomes gold-coloured.

    Most TE members will agree that the point system is only for encouraging: some even find it distracting... I think it helps introducing new TE members to the TE system...