To emka: Melbourne

  • Hi Malgo. I suppose it's all relative as to what to see or not. I know that the Singapore and Kuala Lumpur aquariums are wonderful in scale and exotic fish. The melbourne one is impressive in its diversity of habitats- there are even penguins in their own "frozen" enclosures.
    Do tell us when you are coming and both macondo and i are keen to show you around.
  • Hi Klaudio, many thanks for your answer.
    I have already all for my journey. I come first to Darwin and then with Ghan train to Ayers Rock and Uluru and then to Adelaide. I should be in Melbourne in the evening on 29th April and then I will spend three days there. I have booked already a hostel in the centre. On 3th May we will go further to Sydney. With your trains going long way and rarely it is not an easy task to plan the journey, but it seems I have managed to do it.
    Best regards and have a nice Sunday Malgo