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  • How to select the pictures. (Method)

    Years to be included.

    TE membership califications are important? Participation, active status, etc.

    Digital vs analog.

  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    my opinion on this:

    - 2005 (or maximum 2004/2005)
    - in my opinion they are... as i've said... a community work made by the community itself... the more active the better...
    - Digital AND analog
    - first method is the donation of photos by the photographers... i think the more old & active the more photos the photographer could sent for further selection

  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    I think that the date is no criteria for selecting photos. TE was established only some years back and there is no problem (other than technical) to use photos from the whole periode.

    Some other criteria to think about:

    - The photos included should be from active members (that is with activities in 2005)

    - They should have been added as favourites by other members and/or have some substansial interest in kind of critics and/or comments given by other members (not points), but say ie been critiqued or commented by at least 10 members.
  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    I also think that the photos must be from active members.

    I agree with Jack, I believe one of the better ways to select the photos is choosing from the ones that had been added as favourites by other members.

    About the dates from the photos, I don't know what's better... If we select only the photos from 2005 we will have a lot of them to choose from, so if we accept all the photos that are added as favourites since the begining of TE we'll be in "big trouble" to choose only 150/200...

    This will be a very hard work, but we can do it!
  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    <i>so if we accept all the photos that are added as favourites since the begining of TE we'll be in "big trouble" to choose only 150/200...</i>

    Of course we must find ways to select also from a large number - still we should go for quality (whatever that must be) and not dates as criteria..

    One way is when we have a selection to 'vote in' those most preferred by TE members.
  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    Yes... I think you're right!

    Maybe we can use the most preferred criteria or the most critiqued or commented (not the points)... just like you said ;)
  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    I think the most honest to the spirit of TE is to admit everyone to propose a picture, this filter will works already for more active members.

    There should be a limitation of 3 for adding as a donation so if they want to joint they have to think very carefully wich three are really representative in 'Learning about ......', in that way you give everyone a chance as the book should not be targetted to the biggest posters but to the best general reflection of TE representing as much possible differant members, not the name but the photo should be the most important as thus for the book.

    Also a limitation of 2005 would indicate that there will be 2006 and .......
    I think the archive of 2005 is already big enough to have an outstanding recolt from.

    Favorites is not a good filter as it is used in differant ways, for me f.i. a favorite can also be a bad photo with some extraordinairy potential to inspire myself for better shooting. And if you take care only o the high numbered quoted favorites you start again some elitisme excluding a starter with one good photo.

    Then only with the archive of donations it is pleasant to filter the best out suitable for the project, so everyone takes the risk to be in -or excluded that could be discussed with proposals theme by theme.
  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    I also agree that favorites can be tricky... well it's measurable but tricky! Personaly I never mark photos as favorits... there are just too many!

    I think the members should submit their own photos for the first level voting... all the members that want to participate submit 2 photos or 3...

    And I really think the year is very important!

  • Re: TE book - Thread of the filtering method
    I think that its been said before. Alow members to submit the photos they prefer. This is a good filter. It could be 5% of the total number of photos on TE. If you have 100 photos, you can submit 5. if you have 20 or less, you can submit 1. I think this filter will work best because it will cut the field down considerably. Those that are interested will at least be in the running at the initial stage, and those that arent and didnt submit a photo will have nothing to complain about.

    For a secondary filter, we place the photos on a subpage and allow people to vote for the best photos. This will be hard so perhaps the voting could be broken up on a weekly basis, 30 images per week. The photos here should be anonymous, no names attached. This will be fair I think. Everyone gets 3-5 votes per week. This second round could be used to select the most popular 30-40% of the photos submitted in the initial round.

    Once we cut the field down to 30-40% we could get the help of professionals to make a further selection.
  • Kikvel:Make a theme for entries
    It seems so far as the selection should be:

    <b>- Photos posted 2005

    - Active photographers (interested) suggest up to 3 photos from their own portfolio</b>

    <i>Still IMO the photos for upload should also have some critics/comments connected to them to 'secure' that it is not only the photographers choice but also photos with an attention from other members. IE: At least 5 critiqs/comments at the time of uploading.</i>

    Well then: I suggest you <b>open a theme</b> for the use, then let's see who wants to participate and not least what we end up with.

    Under way we will of course see what structure is building.