Photo's in TO?

  • Hey any Torontonians out there know any good photo locales for winter?

    I'm always looking to improve my photo-ing, so if anyone wants to share their pictorial experience, I'm in!

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    this reply is kinda late (several months off actually!) :) but anyways... go to High Park.. you can get there by TTC. I spent an entire day there we did the photoshoot for my band... lots of cool photo ops if you wander around for a bit.

    oh also go down to the Harbourfront, near Front Street. tons of very interesting people there and boats/rowers too

    cheers dude!
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    ... several months, and thousands of kilometres! Thanks for the message Tina, but I've moved to Vancouver since then!

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    haha oops! well check it out if you visit toronto again some time! :)