To eversmile: :)

  • My prince had the manners not to speak dirty in hindi for my friend who didn't understand hindi. He was not also a tout to run around people to be finally able to book a hotel in the name of sunrise. My prince was happy with cashew and the camera. He was not judgmental about people's personal lives and was not a racist.
    But yes one thing both the princes have in common. They are both polygamous. My prince does it unintentionally and the other prince boasts to be a father and a good husband but he is no less than a monkey when it comes to other stuff as he told me with a very wide grin and a huge pat on my shoulder.

    For the patience I guess Marine and Tushar are on the same boat. They both have no patience at all. But I am practicing to build it for better.. What about you???

    I guess if you take a print out of this pic and then clarify if its sharp or not. Some things need not to be razor sharp to be conveyed. My work is done. It has already been conveyed through a monkey for a monkey with a turban.

    Stay cool.. and how is your health now. Drop me a mail. Its been ages you wrote anything.