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Great danyy 2011-11-09 23:55

Bonjour Zuhal,
pas mal ces personnages qui "marchent" sur l'eau, un contre jour très réussi.

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Default To tyro: Hdr

Hey John

well...where do i begin?!!

First of all, i'm loving HDR!
And you're right, often we see images of HDR that are over processed. But i honestly believe thats because its new, and people want the photos to get exposure.

Truth be told, HDR is at its BEST when its toned down in post processing, just like a 'normal' photo. All photos whether it be HDR or Normal, can be over worked, with color saturation and so on and so on...But for some reason the HDR is getting such a bad rap.

Give it a chance...
I will only post the toned down HDR photos on TE, not the over processed ones. When processed correctly, they are stunning in clarity and definition...seeing details that a normal photo would not pick up on.

Are you aware as to how to take the photos? Its a series of 3 photos.
So a tripod is a MUST to keep the same composition precisely for all 3.

You take one photo at the correct exposure levels, one under exposed, and one over exposed. the software...i use PhotoMatix Pro 4.1 will blend the 3 images together. If there is slight movement by a subject (like a horse in my photo) you can do whats called "ghosting" and the software will blend the movement together too Its also good for wind blown leaves of trees.

I find HDR best for stagnant subjects, without any moving parts like trees and grass. For example old cars, houses, buildings etc...subjects that have tons of texture.

HDR is awesome b/c it will correct the areas of a regular photo that are too bright or localized areas that are too dark. I have car photos that look amazingly detailed and have no dark or bright areas. Thats why you take the 3 photos at each exposure level.

anyways..i can go on and on and on....i will save your time
But thanks for looking, and let me know if you have any questions.

PS - Photomatix can only be bought online. I went through for $95

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Default Hdr.......

Hi Craig,

Thank you for your reply which I found very useful and very interesting.

Firstly, I certainly agree that HDR is often overdone and I'm sure that is the reason that so many people (including myself until I read your reply) find it a bit distasteful. I know that Lisa (delpeoples - whose opinions I very much respect) is also not a real fan of HDR but, with pictures such as this, you might well convert her!

Yes, I do know the principles of HDR and how it's done. I also gather that, rather than taking three or more pictures, some people have done HDR manipulation using a single shot in RAW from which they have produced three images of different "exposures" if you know what I mean.

Once, I did actually download the free version of Photomatix and I think I used it on one occasion for a picture I posted on TL and it did work, to some extent at least, to improve a "blown out" sky. Perhaps I need to invest in the full-blown version and have a go.

Yes, I really do understand all that you have said. However, there's one thing I don't understand and I think I should try to read up about it - that is "tone mapping". I think I need to study a bit about that 'cos I don't really know what it is. It's probably just a very fancy term for something fairly basic.

Anyway, Craig, sorry to ramble on. Thank you again for your reply and I shall look forward to seeing more of your images, especially the HDR ones. I might also try to look at your more extravagantly processed ones on Facebook - I did note that you had mentioned them to Lisa in a forum message. I'm actually on Facebook too though don't often use it - my picture on that site is the same as my one here.

Kindest Regards,

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