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  kinginexile 2006-07-04 13:58

great disappoinyment after seeing your "shy" shot.

Ok, To me this is fakery, not in terms of moral dishonesty of course, but really against what you shot. You artificialize your image, make it generic, and therefore kill all veracity, naturalness about it. I know people are very impressed by this kind of image, (I too as a "wow!" reflex on such images previously) because they see skills, but truly for me, these skills are those of advertisers, and cheap/easy trivializing imagery (your over-added title, unfitting to the mood, is proof of that tendency) . they made a few rich, no doubt, and after all it is a matter of choice. To me, this is akin to poster commercialism (images made to easily please and sell), and photography is something entirely different.

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Default To kinginexile: RE:

Hi Herve,

I appreciate your honest and straight foward comments.

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Default Re: To kinginexile: RE:

All about the treatment of the picture, Ed, what it seemed to me, but thanks for letting me know I did not cross a line.

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Default Re: To kinginexile: RE:

Hi Herve,

I guess we have different takes on photography. I find this picture an above average one. Why? It draws the viewer into it. It tells a story. It has an emotional impact. You can achieve it by taking a good picture, initially, and enhancing it (if you have the skills) in the darkroom or the digital darkroom.

I saw you made comments about my work in one of Ed's pictures. Again, you are entitled to your own opinion. At the end of the day, the bottomline is how much you have created an impact to your audience.:)
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Default Re: To kinginexile: RE:

Hi Manny,

I think you hit it on the noise, by saying audience rather than public or people. Audiences applaud and cheer, but can be very fickle. For ex. Britney Spears does sell more tickets than any of the greatest composer in the world interpretated on stage. Therefore she does have more impact..Now.

Ed clearly copied your style in his pix, but had a marvelous and fresh image previously. This conforts me that we can all raise above audience percentage and follow our intrinsec talent, by keeping the image as close to the emotion we felt while pressing the shutter, rather than take the personal and negate it to bring it or stereotype it down to audience approval.

In France, we have this saying: who can do more can do less. I think this fits photography, except that there are so many styles, so many sell-out styles, so many cross-overs of influences in that media, that it is hard to stay oneself. Of course, there are many definitions of photography, and using a camera, take a picture and making it as pretty, easy to read and pleasing to an audience is one. But I do not think any realized along that line stands out against the p[hotographers who have made this art what it is. A bit like Britney and Mozart... ;-)

Because you have enormous talent, Manny, I hope you will not get swayed by your audience in catering to its taste, for the sake of impact. Though in truth, I will only feel but congratulating you for any of your success. I just care enough about my friends that they can expect honesty and sincerety from me, while still wishing them the best. I expect the same from them.

Much warmly,

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