To emka: not finished yet

  • Thank you Malgo,
    You are so restless. ;-) I am not finished with Bobo-Dioulasso. This was just the beginning. There will be several more photos, and most of them much better. There will even be a mosque! But as a former journalist and student of social anthropology I am always more interested in humans and their environments than "architecture".
    Yes, this could be mango trees.
    Best regards,
  • Hahaha.
    I do not know what will be later . I am glad that there will be a mosque too. By "architecture" I meant in this case the (mud) houses where the people are living. Is it not the environment? But as a former physicist and a student of biology I am also interested in all plants, for instance trees .

    Have a nice evening

  • There will be more "architecture" the next time.