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Great Luko 2008-10-17 16:54

TrekEarth second most awaited upload only after a new Beatles album. Peter finally raised from his grave a little faster than Lennnon and Harrison (although the photo finish reveals that if George didn't trip John up, we would be singing a brand new version of "All you need is love" on Trekearth... but who cares in the end...).

That photo is for me Peter, right? Staying on my path of my Beatles imaginary museum, it looks to me like the Apple logo on the old vinyls, remember?
I mean : not Apple like Mac, you ignorant nerds! Apple records like Macca and the band : the flashing green apple on a black background, does this ring a bell to your geek ears?

Anyway, I'll take as it comes, I love the dynamic of the colors. I find green and black is very energetic, tho a bit sicko and quite gothic in the end. But I know Peter wears platform boots and heavy piercing when he walks the dog, hence it doesn't shock me at all.

I also appreciate this attempt becasue I was two months ago in the same situation : trying a new experience with landscape photography (and even photographying a flower! Hell noooo...).
Hence I can understand Peter's feelings while he was claiming medieval poetry by this brook, a crown of meadow flowers around his head, and playing on his harp with celtic elves.
Fortunately some trash gave him a breath.

You've done good Peter, now you can step forward and focus on... studio stills.

By a matter of luck, as I had recently noticed you belonged to the Iranian group, I was wondering whether it was a sly move from you trying to buy petrol cheaper, or a smart move from Ahmadinejjad to get his hand on the radioactive stuff included in your portfolio... but in the end, I choked with laughter on my morning coffe.

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Default To Luko: Hi

Hi Luko, great to hear from you, although reading your comments reminds me more of Lennon/Ono on high as oppose to good boys from Liverpool.

To tell you the trough I have never seen apple vinyls, things were different back then in Poland I guess, I have seen vinyls though, and this was actually my high tech equipment I used
to play whatever records we could come across, just getting any sound from that without scratching the vinyl was an accomplishment by itself ;-)

Looks like this place is pretty much dead these days, a total of 15 or so threads in the photography forum, ouch, that's a true indication this is a simple travel site and not much of a photography, too bad, I hope things at photoholik are going well, unfortunately I haven't had a chance to do any worthwhile projects.

AlPeter Farkozikowskiteherani

ps, I quite liked your flower (unless ofcourse you have a shot of roses with few water drops up your sleeve), and your defence of the castle shot was a joy to read, afterall not being able to do anything we feel like in this field just because others expect us to stay within our comfort zone would kinda suck.
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