To tyro: Dear John

  • Dear John,<br />
    <br />
    how lovely to see your comment on this picture of the iconic Great Oak of Cropredy. As a long term member of The Great Oak of Cropredy Admirers Society, I dare to offer you a few of my thoughts concerning the topic of your critique. Though I deeply appreciate your photographic skills, erudition and long term willingness to help junior members of TE, I find the comparison of the master of photography, the old bloke you are mentioning in your post, to Ric, the newbie to this site, quite inappropriate and a bit offensive.<br />
    <br />
    I have reasons to believe that you might change your opinion if you take the following facts into your consideration.<br />
    Firstly, the old bloke, as you call him, compared to the author of this photograph, was at least able to take photographs in colour.<br />
    Secondly, he would never disgrace the majestic tree by cropping it in half and giving it a minor role in the frame.<br />
    <br />
    With kindest regards<br />
    <br />
  • Bonjour Romana,

    * Ric is not a newbie and his photo has also been taken in colour...

  • To Vivian
    Dear Vivian
    good point, you are perfectly right. I was joking. I know both gentlemen well to be sure that a little bit of teasing will bring smiles in their faces. Have a marvelous evening.

    Best regards
  • Bonsoir Romana,

    Thank you for the big smile on my face too...
    I must say I was searching “The Great Oak of Cropredy Admirers Society” everywhere on the WEB but now you can imagine I never found it...
    You may have read that we will be around Oxford - where we hope to meet John as well - next May so I will try to photograph the “Whole Great Oak” for you... Hi hi...


    PS: Oh... And now I just understood the “Old Bloke” was Richard himself!