Stolen pictures !

  • A few months ago, by accident, I discovered that a picture of mines, that I posted on T.E. was used without permission on this site :
    I sent the webmaster an e-mail to say that he didn't ask my permission and insisted for a payment. He wrote me the following words : Dear Luc de Baets
    Thank you for the email.
    Firstly may I say that I always try to seek permission
    for the display of photographs on the Olivier Messiaen
    web site out of courtesy. However, this photo was seen
    on a site (Trekearth) that had no contact details and
    since the images were not 'locked' I naturally assumed
    that to display the photo on the Olivier Messiaen site
    would be ok as it amounts to free publicity and
    exposure of your work.
    Furthermore, my lawyers have noted that the Olivier
    Messiaen web site is a non commercial, non profit
    making and purely educational web site where nobody is
    making any financial gain therefore no financial
    contracts need be entered into.
    All the photographers whose photos appear on the web
    site have been very grateful for the exposure of their
    work to a different audience and I'm sorry that you
    don't feel the same way. I will withdraw the photo
    forthwith to comply with your wishes.

    with kind regards
    Malcolm Ball

    In this gallery there where also some shots of Alain Herrault. The shots were removed a few days later, but now I see that there are some shots of "La Meije" in France. I thought I have seen these shots before on T.E., but I can't remember from who... Maybe one of you could recognize them ? If so, I would give the photographer the advice to react on it.