• I today posted a photo showing two baskets filled with Easter eggs - and I got the message ... "Your photo titled, "Happy Easter!" (photo1514943.htm) seems to violate the TrekEarth terms of service and therefore has been inactivated.

    The reason is:
    *-Studio-like, staged or posed

    Graciously I got the possibility of giving a further explanation to my photo...

    However, I do not want to write a further explanation and I think it isn't necessary at all. I present these eggs in this way to my children, to my family - as usual here in Germany, as millions of people do here.
    If this is "studio like, staged or posed" - my photo may be inactivated.
    Do the moderators actually notice what the TE rules and their pedantic interpretation - do to people here ... ?!
  • If you wish the decision to remove the photo to be reconsidered you will need to send through a Review Request. Simply posting your dis-satisfaction here will not result in action being taken.
  • I will not beg for mercy ...