any banner soon?

  • I try to follow the excitement about the book everyday, but call me stupid, it takes me a while to find the links to the TE THEMES. OK, I will put both themes as a favorite on my computer, but again, not just about me. My impression, looking at the submissions, is that people may be aware of the idea about the book, but not aware that it has really started in terms of pix download in the chosen TE THEME category. Is there any way we can have this more sticky and obvious, if the banner is not quite in the offing for now. Thanks
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    we will add the banner soon dear Herve

  • Project "home" page
    There is a page:

    <A href="">TE MemberBook >></A>

    It is mentioned several places under TE project and under General.

    As pr. today it is updated with info and actual links.

    You are welcome to use it.
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    Hi Herve/all:

    My internet connection will kill me, I am posting a summary here just to have a entry point to the project.

    Some threads will be removed to organize better the project.

    Please take a look at the summary II thread.

    You will find latest info and also the links where you should refer in the future for an easy update.

    My best regards;

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    I hope that this link could be added at the front-page of TE soon
    that would avaoid to change links all the time to renewed TE Book themes